Computer Telephone Integration

Does your business provide customer support via telephone? Does your support staff use a computer to lookup customer records and provide information? CTI (Computer Telephone Integration) links your business phone system to your computer system, enabling many features which can save support costs while enhancing customer satisfaction. Active Wire provides consulting and engineering services for many types of CTI environments.

Inbound Call Center

Screenpop feature will automatically display a customer's database record on the agent's screen, with data retrieval based on caller-id (CID) or an account number entered by the caller. Active Wire can help you integrate these features into your existing software environment.

Voice Over IP (VOIP)

Convergence of voice traffic over existing data infrastructures can provide numerous cost benefits: lower phone bills, reduced hardware purchase, consolidated administration. Active Wire has worked with most of the "traditional" phone equipment from Lucent, Avaya, Nortel, Toshiba, etc. and can help you successfully route calls over your IP-based LAN and/or WAN. For new installations, consider some of the pure IP-based phone systems from Cisco, 3COM, or NBX. Ultra-low cost ASTERISK products are available which run on the Linux operating system. Let Active Wire help you work with the various VOIP protocols (H.323, SIP, IAX) and related routing/firewall concerns.

Outbound Call Center

Active Wire has engineered successful Outbound Call Centers using equipment from AMCAT, Digisoft, and SunDial. Although recent telemarketing laws prevent massive outbound campaigns, Predictive Dialer hardware can still provide significant benefits: